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Signs That You Need to Repair Your Oven

Few appliances will endure what ovens can. Today, ovens are more powerful, complex in their potential uses, and more durable than they ever were. You can also find more shapes and sizes than ever before. The technology behind ovens has advanced so much that they require very little general maintenance. Nonetheless, there are still simple maintenance and other care tips that will help your oven run for a long time:

Your Oven Works Non Stop


During the winter, we use our ovens for those delicious holiday meals. During the spring, we rely on our ovens for a number of different celebrations. Fall means Thanksgiving cooking. Summertime is often the best time to try out some new recipes. In other words, no matter what, our ovens never stop working for us.

Because we put our ovens through so much, it also follows that they are going to need a lot of care. In many situations, we don’t even know something is going on. It is not until the oven actually breaks down that we finally see the importance of this useful appliance.

Simply by knowing what to look for in a failing oven, you can take steps to make the necessary repairs. Generally speaking, this is going to involve calling in the professionals at Express Appliance Repair Winnipeg.

Does My Oven Need Repairs?

Some signs that an oven needs repair are obvious. Other signs can only be noticed by a professional. Here are some of the most common issues that signify it’s time to call in the experts:

  • Electrical problems: If your oven refuses to turn on, or if you find it to be fluctuating in power from one moment to the next, then there is an excellent chance that it is going to need some repairs. This is the kind of red flag that should be dealt with straight away.

  • broken-ovenBurner problems: Sometimes, the burners on top of your oven will begin to stop working at odd times. There are other times in which the burner will clearly not have the power it once did, even if a reasonable amount of time has passed since turning it on. Either of these problems is going to point to the likelihood of repairs being your next step.

  • The smell of gas: The smell of gas is something people used to commonly associate with their ovens. However, we are talking about a decades-old association. In the present, virtually all modern ovens do not include the smell of gasoline. If you do notice such a smell, particularly after turning the oven on, then turn it off at once. Call in some professionals immediately. You could find yourself dealing with a rather serious problem!

  • Undercooked food: If you are putting things in your oven for the amount of time specified on the recipe, then it seems likely that your oven is having some problems. A busted fan is a likely culprit with something like this, but it is also entirely possible that you are dealing with a heating element that has become broken.

  • Burnt food: No matter how hard you try to follow directions, everything you cook appears to be coming out of the oven rather burnt. This probably isn’t an indication that you are a bad cook. It’s more likely that you are experiencing some problems with your oven.

  • Door won’t close: This isn’t an example of common oven problems that people often think about. Unfortunately, you just have to imagine the hundreds, perhaps thousands of times you open and close your oven.

  • Noises: A silent oven is a happy oven. If you hear strange noises coming out of your oven, then there is a really good chance that something is wrong. Most of the time, we are just talking about a loose part or fan problem.

Here at Express Repair Winnipeg, we understand how important your oven is to you. No matter what the problem is, our repair professionals will have your oven fixed in no time. With rich experience and quality tools, there is no oven repair we can’t perform.