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How Different Seasons Affect Our Major Appliances

Taking care of our household is a larger responsibility that shoots off into a number of different tasks and considerations. One such challenge involves taking care of our major appliances. At Express Repair Winnipeg, we have worked with appliance repair and maintenance demands in a wide variety of different situations. Many repair demands come down to the simple fact that people fail to properly care for appliances.

Caring for Your Appliances During Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall


Our refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other appliances go through a great deal. Just imagine how often you use these appliances during a single week. No doubt, you are putting your dishwasher through a pretty serious strain from one week to the next. For the most part, our appliances just keep going. Almost all of us take this for granted. We just assume our appliances are going to stand the test of time forever.

Yet they can only take so much. Regular care is absolutely essential, and it is ultimately one of the smartest money-saving ventures you can ever do for yourself. The winters can be absolutely brutal. The summers can be a gorgeous, sunny calm before fall slowly brings us back to winters. All four seasons in Winnipeg are well-represented, but what do they mean for your appliances?

Caring for Your Appliances from One Season to the Next

Winters and summers can be particularly hard on your appliances. This is certainly something to keep in mind with Winnipeg weather, if you are new to the area. Spring and fall will generally have either normal maintenance needs, or you will have to get things ready for a coming season. From one season to the next, here are the best ways to care for your appliances:

  • Summer: Your fridge and freezer are so helpful during the warmest months of the year. These appliances are likely working harder than at any other time in the year. This also translates to these appliances going through a much more serious strain. Make sure your fridge and freezer are properly serviced before the summer kicks off. Clean and defrost them on a semi-regular basis throughout the months. Your air conditioner is also going to go through a lot, so make sure to regularly clean your filter and other parts.

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    Fall: You will definitely want to get things like your water heater ready for the coming winter. At the same time, fall is an excellent season for doing things like checking your oven seal, cleaning your kitchen ventilation, and vacuuming the coils of your fridge. You should also make sure your washer and dryer are still going strong. It stands to reason that they went through a lot during the months from June to September.

  • Winter: This is one of the toughest periods of the year for your appliances. Make sure to have everything checked at once, perhaps twice. For example, the hoses and pumps in your washing machine go through a lot, if they happen to be part of a setup in your garage or basement. You may have to make sure they are only connected when you are doing a load. Then you have your HVAC unit. Building a firewall is one example of what you can do to stave off the problem.

  • Spring: Things are starting to warm up. This might be one of the mildest seasons for your appliances. Just make sure your appliances are ready to go by the time spring begins its magnificent transformation into summer.

Different seasons bring different pleasures. They can also bring different demands to home owners. A lot of what we are suggesting comes down to the concept of preparation. When we know what to expect from the weather, it becomes easier to make sure our appliances are receiving the very best possible care. Nothing we have suggested is all that expensive or time-consuming. In addition, making sure your appliances are ready for whatever season is coming up is a lot less of a strain than buying new appliances.