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Sub-Zero Appliances have an established presence in the world of home and kitchen appliances, and are a part of a larger group that includes Wolf Appliances, as well as Cove Appliances. The company, itself, has a wide catalogue of products. The appliances it carries are praised for their impeccable style, performance, along with the fact that they can work well in a variety of spaces. Essentially, the company has created a line of appliances within which you are sure to find something that best fits your needs, and your budget.

However, as great as these appliances may be, there is still the possibility of them running into problems. Whether its appliance maintenance, emergency repair, or replacement work, Express Appliance Repair Winnipeg can help. Our Winnipeg appliance experts have worked with every brand and its specific products on the market. Regardless of what you have in your home, our home appliance repair pros are ready, and able, to help. No matter what, we can make sure your Sub-Zero appliances are running properly for years to come.


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While Sub-Zero may be grouped with two other brands, it caters specifically to refrigeration solutions. However, the group, in whole, does offer whatever else you may need appliance-wise. For example, Wolf products focus on cooking appliances, while Cove products focus on cleaning appliances, such as dishwashers. Sub-Zero Fridges are some of the more popular type of appliances in Winnipeg, as well as beyond the city. Full-size refrigerators are available, in addition to under-counter fridges. You can also find wine storage solutions, built-in fridges, integrated fridges, and much more. Moreover, these products are some of the most durable home appliances.

As mentioned earlier, while these are formidable appliances, you can still run into problems. Even the best fridges and freezers can break down, particularly if they are not well-maintained. This applies to all appliance brands, including Sub-Zero refrigerators. Sub-Zero’s reputation is stellar; the company has been around since the 1930’s and has be a pioneer in providing consumers with quality products. Despite that, all types of appliances need work at some point in time.

Regardless of what you need for your appliances, we can help. If you find yourself dealing with a Sub-Zero fridge on the fritz, contact us immediately at (204) 202-6955. If you just want to have someone take a look at your Sub-Zero appliances, in case there might be a problem just beneath the surface, you can contact us for that as well. Express Appliance Repair Winnipeg can handle anything related to your Sub-Zero refrigeration products.


Our team of professional technicians are licensed and experienced, ensuring that when you hire Express, your appliance is fixed for good.