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Tips On Choosing The Best Type Of Washing And Drying Machine

Tips On Choosing The Best Type Of Washing And Drying Machine

When it comes to choosing a washing machine and dryer machine, there are naturally a number of considerations that should be weighed very carefully. Our washing machine Winnipeg repair/maintenance experts at Express Repair Winnipeg will tell you that when you pay attention to what you need against what you want, while also keeping in mind things like budget and space, you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

Naturally, there are a few other things you are going to want to appreciate, as you shop around for the best washer and dryer possible. One of the first things to remember is the fact that the most expensive units are not necessarily the best ones for your needs. At the same time, it can be useful to remember the old “you get what you pay for adage.”

In other words, if you want to buy the best washing machine or dryer machine possible, you are going to want to seek out something that hits the middle of the tips mentioned above.

How To Choose The Best Washing Machine

Here are some tips to help you choose the best washer possible:

  • Determine your needs: Whether you need a washer for yourself, two people, or a whole family of kids and pets, you can make things easier on yourself by determining your needs early on. Consider such subjects as capacity, water efficiency, and energy efficiency. Volume, the length of the wash cycle, programs, and filtering systems are additional factors to weigh carefully.

  • Figure out your ideal washer machine type: The two main types are top-loading and front-loading. Front loaders have longer washing cycles, while top loaders are often lacking on the energy efficiency side of things.

  • Capacity is important: A machine that handles six-to-seven kilograms of clothes per load means it can handle around twelve-to-fifteen pounds. This should be enough for a family with at least two kids.

  • Programs/settings: Spin speeds, gentle cycles, and hand-wash cycles are a few settings you may want to keep in mind.

Those are just a few tips that should drive your search for the washing machine that is perfect for your home. Cycle length, as well as the volume the washer makes while working, are two more factors you want to consider.

How To Choose The Best Dryer Machine

Our washing machine Winnipeg pros at Express Repair Winnipeg can do more than handle the repair/maintenance needs of your appliances, including your washer and dryer. We also have some tips to ensure you find the best possible dryer machine for your home or apartment. To that end, here are some easy suggestions to make sure you make the right call:

  • Efficiency concerns: A dryer vent booster can be a great way to increase the lifespan and overall efficiency of your dryer. If you can’t get a booster, remember that gas dryers tend to be the most efficient dryers on the market.

  • Capacity: In this arena, it obviously makes sense to choose a dryer with a capacity that equals what you settled on with your washer. Dryers tend to come in models ranging from five to seven cubic feet on the capacity side of things. If you purchased a washing machine with a 3.5 cubic-foot capacity, then you will likely want to purchase a dryer that features a seven cubic foot capacity.

  • Do they really need to match: A matching washer/dryer set is always nice, particularly since they are likely to do an exceptional job of complementing one another. However, this isn’t an all-or-nothing decision. Your washer and dryer do not need to match, in order to give you the results you want.