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Top 7 Fridge Issues


Homeowners face numerous appliance issues on a regular basis. And among all the appliances, refrigerators are one of the most difficult to handle. Below are the top major common fridge issues that homeowners face;

Defrost Problem

Defrost problem affects at least one or both the freezer and refrigerator. Possible indications of defrosting issue include one side of the fridge working well whereas the freezer builds up frost or the fridge warms up even when the freezer is working perfectly. These are symptoms that show that perhaps your fridge’s defroster needs to be replaced or repaired. Other times it takes a professional look to determine what requires to be fixed or replaced because sometimes the problem might be with the bi-metal thermostat, defrost heater or the timer. And this is why Fridge Repair Winnipeg is there to help you.

Water Despenser Or Ice Maker Not Working

Water dispenser or ice maker can suddenly stop working. Most fridge booklets advice that water filter needs replacement after every six month however the question here is, is it really necessary? Failing to replace the filters mostly leads up to floats appearing in the ice or water before condensation. Another possible reason as to why the ice maker or the water dispenser stopped working may be due to build up. Therefore if you notice floats or the water pressure in the dispenser has gone down as well as either or both of your fridge functions stopped working suddenly, Fridge Repair Winnipeg is here always to help determine the issue and fix it.

Condensation Build Up

This is another common issue with any fridge. condensation may build up on the fridge floor without your knowledge. Even though most fridges are build in such a manner to handle the problem of condensation on the floor on their own, there are regular habits that intensify this process. Sometimes it might be because the door was left open for a long time, leftovers are being placed in the fridge when they are still too warm or a times the fridge’s temperature setting is out of balance.

Ice Build Up In The Freezer

The most common cause of this problem is clogging in the defroster. Ice may also build up on the floor of the freezer sometimes because of other issues as well and that is why seeking professional help is the best way to go.

Puddle Of Water Coming From The Bottom Of The Fridge

There are several possible sources of this problem, it might be because of defrost draining, water filter, drain pan or ice maker. It might also be an indication that part of your fridge is damaged or cracked. This issue requires a lot of evaluation to determine the main causative so as to handle it effectively. And this is one thing that Fridge Repair Winnipeg is here to do.

Freezer Not Freezing Well

Even though there might be one overall source of this issue there are several other possible causes. It might be an indication that some parts of the freezer are broken or damaged, it might be because of problems between the evaporate and condenser or in draining. Lucky Fridge Repair Winnipeg is here to work with you to determine the problem and solve it as fast as possible.

Freezer Making Unusual Sounds

We all get up sometime in the middle of the night to get a glass of milk, and that tiny annoying noise that the fridge makes makes it hard to go back to sleep. These noises can be because of the condenser, fan or the compressor and a times it can be the evaporator. This might take a while to diagnose and repair however this is exactly what Fridge Repair Winnipeg does for you.

Fridge Repair Winnipeg is here to offer any service or advice you need to keep your fridge up to date!