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1. Jammed Dishwasher

Normally, when a dishwasher is switched on, the sound of running water can be heard however if you hear no sound at all it means your dishwasher is jammed. At this point your best option is to consider appliance repair. Complains of dishwasher being dead, wont refill or has no power are some of repair problems raised by homeowners. Dishwashers use float switch to control the amount of water entering the appliance. This device enables the dishwasher detect the water levels when the tank is full. However when objects like knifes, forks and lids find their way into the tank, they block the float from rising, this tricks the dishwasher into thinking that the tank is full when in real sense it is not and as a result the dishwasher becomes jammed. To fix this problem, remove any object causing the blockage.

2. Dryer Heating Problem

Most common dryers problems that have been raised include; dryers heating for sometime then stops, the igniter glowing but there is no flame and having to get coils replaced every now and then. These dryers problems might be due to an issue with the safety coils. Safety coils control the opening and closing of a dryers’s gas valve to maintain a particular temperature range. However the coils sometimes break down and when they do the gas valve fails to open and consequently there will be no heat. When this problems happened consider having the appliance repaired as failure to do so they dryer will eventually stop working all together.

3. Clogged Ducting

Sometimes dryers can heat up for a while then go cold, fail to dry clothes, or take too long to dry a load. These problems might be as a result of build up lint. Dryers have lint traps, however when these lint traps are filled up they prevent the moisture filled air from escaping and as a result will take a long time for for a load to dry. Also clogged ducting reduces the heat levels as the dryers already sense there is a lot of heat. As well other mechanical problems are also likely to occur. Perhaps to solve this use a brush or vacuum to clean out the ducting. Another common dryer/washer issue is the appliance not running. Dryers and washers use switches to sense if the door or lid has been closed. These switches do break sometimes because of slamming, when this happens, the appliance will automatically think that the lid or door is still open and fail to start. Here consider replacing the broken switch.

4. Thermal Fuse Problem

Dryers speed up their drying process using heat. However when this heat suddenly stops, the dryers becomes cold. This is as a result of a burnt thermal fuse. Once you notice this, replace the fuse and you will be good to go.

5. Motor Coupling

Complains of washing machine making horrible noises or wont spin are some of the commonly reported washer problem. When this happens it is usually because the motor has broke. To repair the appliance, simply have the motor replaced.

6. Clogged Defrost

Whenever a freezer carries out the defrosting process, the melted water gets carried down through the defrost drain to the bottom into the drip pan.however when the drain gets clogged by either plastic bags or food crumbs, the draining process stops. Other times clogged defrost might be because of the heater being too far or not working efficiently and as a result the thawing process isn’t enough and water gets stuck. To manually conduct the defrosting cycle unplug the fridge and facilitate thawing by running hot water through the defrost drain or have the professionals handle it.