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Washer Cleaning

Why isn't my washer cleaning my clothes?

It's easy to take appliances like your washer for granted. We all get into the habit of loading up, pressing a few buttons, and letting our trusty washer do the rest. It's only when we notice a problem that we truly appreciate the value of a reliable washing machine. If your washer is not proving as effective at cleaning your laundry as it once was, it might be time to consider the following factors.

Are you overloading?

When you look at a pile of laundry that might fit into your machine if you force it just a little, remember that less is definitely more in this case! If you overload your washer, your laundry will not come out as clean as it should and you will most likely even notice some leftover detergent on your clothes. Leaving space in the drum means that you are allowing your laundry to tumble around and this makes the wash cycle that much more effective. So, instead of cramming everything in at once, split the load in two and you will notice the difference immediately!

Watch that detergent

This is another case where less can also be more. More soap does not mean cleaner laundry. In fact, if you use too much detergent, it can leave a residue on your clothes and it can also clog the pipes. Hard water requires a bit more detergent but this is also no reason to overdo it. If you are worried about stains or dirty collars, you can pretreat these areas for best results. Remember, no rubbing or scrubbing since this can often make the stain worse by forcing it deeper into the fabric.

Check the lint trap

Your dryer is not the only appliance in your home with a lint trap. While you are most likely to notice more lint in the lint trap on your dryer, this does not mean that lint is not a factor during the washing process. Dirt, lint, and various other particles are trapped in this compartment to prevent them from reaching more sensitive parts of the washer or clogging the pipes. Clean this trap out regularly to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your washer.

Pre-wash inspection

Before washing laundry, you should check each item. Check pockets to make sure that there are no pieces of paper, napkins, or money left behind. In addition, if you used a particular pair of pants and a shirt to work in the garden, you should give it a good shake outside before washing. All those bits of soil, grass, and dirt can take their toll on your washer and this dirt can make the wash cycle less effective.

Handwash sometimes

There are some items that simply cannot go in your washer. Whether they are particularly delicate or the color runs, you might want to do yourself a favor and wash these items by hand instead.

Regular washer cleaning

If you want your washer to clean your laundry, you need to make sure that your washer is clean! A dirty washer can leave marks or dirt on your laundry. Inspect such parts as the drum, door, and door seal on a regular basis. Clean out that dirt and run an empty load every now and then to make sure that your washer is always in top shape.

Finally, it's important to remember that your washer is made up of several working parts. These parts will experience wear and tear every time you run a wash cycle. This means that they will need to be replaced from time to time and, when repairs are necessary, it's always best to hire a professional.