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Different Washing Machine Capacities: Which One Is Right for You?

At Express Repair Winnipeg, you can be sure that our experience has covered just about every make and model imaginable for washing machines. Our washing machine Winnipeg experts want to do more than handle your repair/replacement/maintenance needs. We also want to help people find the right appliances. When it comes to choosing the right washing machine, there are a few different considerations that you need to keep in mind. Capacity is one such consideration.

There aren’t too many different sizes for washing machines out there, which makes choosing a little more straightforward. Still, there are different possibilities available. You certainly want to make sure you are purchasing the right machine. We are talking about an appliance that you are going to rely on for several years. Washing machines can last for at least a decade. However, this is highly dependent on making sure you choose the best machine for your needs. Keeping that in mind, our Winnipeg washing machine experts have a few suggestions to guide you in the right direction.

Capacity: Which Washing Machine Size Is Right for Me?

Basically, the 100s of different washing machines on the market can be broken down into two main categories. You have front-load washing machines, and you have top-load washing machines. The sizes can vary, and each one has different advantages and disadvantages. The majority of front-loader drums are between 4.2 and 5 cubic feet. There are a few exceptions on either side of that number. Our washing machine Winnipeg services have covered all of these, and we can tell you that it’s important to choose the right size.

With top-loader drums, the range is a little broader. You will find sizes starting in the neighborhood of 3.5 cubic feet. The top-loader drums can go all the way up to 6.2 cubic feet. Obviously, it is pretty important to know which size is going to be suited to your particular needs.

Common Questions Related to Washing Machine Capacity

Here are some simple things that can help you figure out the washing machine capacity that is relevant to your situation:

  • How large is the room going to be? This involves figuring out of the size of the room where the washer is going to be. If you have an apartment, or a small laundry room, you will naturally want to get something that will fit comfortably with the space. Obviously, getting a washer that is too big is just going to be counter-productive. If space is an issue, you may want to consider stackable washers and dryers.

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    How many people in your family? This is a pretty important aspect to any washing machine Winnipeg purchase you might be considering. Generally speaking, larger families are going to need larger washing machines. Things can get tricky to this end, if you still have to think about space. If you have 2-3 people in your family, including yourself, you shouldn’t need anything larger than a mid-size washer.

  • What about energy efficiency? The less laundry you do, the more energy you are going to save. If you have the space for a high-capacity washer, and energy savings are a concern on your part, then you should definitely look for something from the large capacity washer camp. You can also look for washers with high ratings for energy efficiency. Just remember that smaller capacity washers have the benefit of needing less hot water/electricity.

  • What about the size of the dryer? It stands to reason that if you are shopping around for a washer, then you are also shopping around for a dyer. Keep in mind that most dryers should be twice the cubic feet of their respective washers. For example, if you have a washer that is 3 cubic feet, then you should look for a dryer that comes in at 6 cubic feet.

Our washing machine Winnipeg experts can help you find something ideal for your situation. However, if you keep in mind everything mentioned above, you should be able to find something that works well with your needs. Make sure to learn about the load capacity for any washer or dryer that you are considering.

The future of washing machines is also something that is worth keeping an eye on. You can already find super-capacity washing machines, as well as washing machines that can be controlled with your smartphone.